Optimize your Travel Blog!

Every organization tries to accumulate as many followers and traffic onto their website but this is not limited to just companies and businesses – do your research and apply it to your travel blog today! Don’t fall in between the cracks and focus on optimizing your blog for all those casual likers and quiet followers. Post content that encourages participation.


Rather than hiring a social media agency – why not do a little research yourself and apply it to your blog. Search engine optimization and PR go hand in hand – focus on branding your travel blog by getting links trafficked back to your blog.

Don’t think you can limit optimizing to just links – drive your travel blog with images as well. Photos from times abroad are a big part of your blog – use a title attribute for linking image and hyperlink your photos. Generate more traffic by sharing your photo on different platforms. The little things can go a long way.


Fellow wanderlust bloggers, we have an urge to learn more and more when traveling and choose to share our experiences and journeys. Learn some more about SEO and help spread your knowledge. Own that tite, description, and keyword tags! Be a smart blogger – for someone else will soon catch the same travel bug you now have. 



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