The threat to freedom in Ukraine

These two countries have made headlines this past week largely in part to unrest and large protests – a surprise to some who usually associate political unrest and violence to other regions in the world such as the Middle East. So why exactly is this happening? 

The threat to freedom has arrived to the continent of Europe – with massacres of protesters in Ukraine visible to anyone with access to the internet and televisions. Europe has not seen a country so close to a civil war since Yugoslavia in 1992.

Viktor Yanukovich is a democratically elected president who has used his powers to eliminate liberal-rights safeguards and jail political opponents by creating ridiculous charges. Ukraine is starting to show signs of a failed state that will not begin to see much positive change for a while. America and the EU must come together to help eliminate this threat to freedom and civil war potential and recognize the problems, impose sanctions, offer asylum to political refugees and do whatever it can take to help this revolution before these massacres end up happening for nothing. 

Social media helped the international system recognize the horrors that occur during these revolutions such as in Egypt. Check out this link of a 37 year old man who has documented this unrest on his Facebook page. 


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