Travel destination: India

Travel blogs all around are here to help satisfy your urge to travel the world. We travel for the uncertainty and challenge what you know. This weeks travel quote really depicts that craving we naturally always have about parts of the world that are unknown to you. This is exactly how I felt when I signed and paid my deposit to go to India last winter. India was going to be the leap of faith I was going to take and tons of different travel blogs solidified my attempt at seeking out a hard to reach place.

Whether you travel for the prestige, the calories, or the high emotions – picking a destination always proves to be difficult and for this weeks travel destination I recommend India –  specifically Mumbai. 



The moment I stepped off that plane the months of mental preparation I had for my three week adventure went out the window. Expect the unexpected is what they say when you are ready to travel and India captivated me from the moment I stepped out…or should I say the moment I stepped into my first restaurant at one in the morning for delicious food. Mumbai is a city that never sleeps and even though it was one in the morning when we arrived there was plenty to see.


This hectic city has so much to offer and the only way to explain it is to visit it and make sense of it yourself. So why not take a look at what it has to offer when you’re off making a decision! 


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