Travel destination: Jacksonville, Florida

I’ve been going on and on about places to go around the world but it can easily be forgotten that you can have a great get away right here in America. Over the last week I spent time in Jacksonville, Florida visiting an old friend I made in London last summer. It was such a great time to reunite with Melissa on American soil and I couldn’t have asked for a better host!


Jacksonville is the largest city in Florida – something that actually surprised me! It was not touristy and a beautiful city right on the northern part of Florida a little after the Georgia line. Melissa is a recent graduate from West Virginia University and chose to relocate to this gem of a city because of its weather and growing potential. She says its a perfect city for those looking to transition to the adult world post graduate. So why not take her word for it and visit? 

So me my three friends took for the roads and had a SPLENDID time.



We hit the beaches immediately, and Jax beaches were really gorgeous for March. The weather was a solid 75-80 the entire week and that Florida sun was no joke! It was a great place because Jacksonville is more residential then touristy like other parts of Florida so it was nice to get away from so many people. 


After spending a few days eating great (and cheap! lots of cute places to go to) we decided to spend the day at St. Augustine on Saturday. St. Augustine is the oldest town in America where you can find the oldest street and the first school building! There were lots of cute shops and pubs to grab lunch at with live music! I got to buy a few new headbands and a skirt and would absolutly recommend for anyone in the area to visit. It was only 30 minutes away from Jacksonville.


Whats your favorite part of Florida? Would you ever move down or consider Jacksonville? Comment below!


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