Travel readers beware! A must read book recommendation.

Midaq Alley by Naguib Mahfouz

There is no better experience then reading a book that reminds you of a city you have previously visited or reading a story that takes you to wherever the author wants to. Set in the 1940’s, Midaq Alley is a unique book allowing for readers to experience a transitional period  in Egyptian History. The title itself comes from the setting of the book, Midaq Alley a small poor street in Cairo with shops, cafe’s, and homes. This book can be used as a lens for readers to gain insight on the streets and life  of Cario in ways one can assume was only possible if you were there. Egypt has entered a period of history in the book where it is still trying to identify itself with progressive policies and modernization. This book allows the readers to see as Egypt begins to implement change specifically gender roles which are shifting as well.

Naguib Mahfouz wrote a truthful book, and utilized this little street called Midaq Alley to tell the tales of  Cairo in a truthful light. Many authors have not depicted or capture a time so real as Mahfouz did and it was a thoroughly enjoyable book to read. Upon picking up the book, I expected to see little shifts and moderanization but was truly suprised at each womans role in the book and story to tell. The authors tool to create a soap-opera-esque book painted the city of Cairo and its inhabitants in an intriguing light.

So all my faithful readers, please take a chance to read this book!




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