Travel Destination: Dubai, UAE

When you think islands and resorts and palm beaches, the first place in your head may not be the Middle East. But add the United Arab Emirates to your bucket list because it sure is on mine. 


Photos courtesy of Issaq Gass who traveled this past summer to the UAE.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates is quickly rising to become one of the world’s fasting growing tourist destinations – equipped with warm weather, beautiful hotels, pristine beaches. In the 1980’s, Dubai Rulers focused on westernizing the region and furthering its dependency on oil in the region but instead investing heavily on real estate and land – where oil is only about 7% of it’s total revenue.

Dubai had a huge boom in 2003 with a large flux of foreign investors after the opening of Dubai Internet City. From this emerged places like  Burj Khalifa – tallest building in the world  and the Dubai Marina all of which have increased tourism revenue immensely in this city.


Dubai Marina

  • Dubai is becoming one of the largest up and coming sports destination – hosting the Abu Dubai Golf Championship, Red Bull Air Race, and Formula One Grand Prix
  • Burj Khalifa is the tallest man made structure 
  • Make sure you go up (if you’re not afraid of hights) the Burj Khalifa and look at the 360 view of Dubai from this beautiful structure
  • Amazing shopping at the Dubai Mall
  • Spend about 3 hours at the Dubai Aquarium you won’t want to miss it

Dubai sits up with other large cities like London, Tokyo and Paris. So why not Dubai next?


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