Blazing around the world – 4/20 Edition

On this beautiful Sunday evening, many are taking in festivities others would find offensive on Easter. But in light of the holiday, I found it fitting to throw some Marijuana facts that many may not even be aware of in the international system. Where America is just coming to term with decriminalizing or legalizing marijuana (note: this blog is not for or against this issue and will not hold a bias but instead inform you of things), other parts of the world have come to terms with marijuana being a part of society. 

Colorado and Washington are just the start here in America – check out this article to see where your state is at HERE.



Courtesy of Huffington Post

Legality of Marijuana varies country to country and this image breaks it down in the international system. 

1. Uruguay is set to create a state run marijuana industry – where the government can control cultivation and distribution

2. North Korea does not classify Marijuana as a drug

3.  Portugal eliminated criminal penalties. 

4. The Netherlands sells limited quantities in coffee shops.

5. In Peru, you are allowed to have up to 8 grams on you – as long as you don’t have any other drug in possession.

6. In Germany, you are allowed to have up to 6 grams but in cities like Berlin you are allowed to possess 10 grams.

7. Argentina ruled it unconstitutional to ban Marijuana use.

8. Don’t go to Cyprus! It’s illegal there and you can be sent to jail for up to two years.

9. Mexico decriminalized small amounts all major narcotics in 2009: including marijuana, cocaine, meth and heroine.

10. Some states in Australia allow you to consume Marijuana in small amounts but others its forbidden. Be careful where you toke up!


How do you feel about Marijuana use in other countries?



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