The 411 on International Development: Politics edition

Secretary General Ban-Ki moon visited Estonia and emphasized the importance of technology to sustainable development. Mr. Ban remarked, “You are emerging invigorated from the global economic downturn. You are a global leader in a new wave of technology that is changing the face of the world,” Innovation in technology could really boost the status of Estonia and improve stability for the country. Technology improves the quality of life, creates jobs, and expands education amongst other positive outcomes. The Secretary General also stated,  “It is clear that science and technology are central to promoting progress – from climate change to public health; from food security to sanitation; from good governance to disaster preparedness,” 

Germany has made clear in the recent weeks of the resistance for Turkey to join the EU. Chancellor Angela Merkel and the coalition government are opposed to full membership and would prefer a ‘privileged partnership’ with the country. This reaction comes after Turkey and the EU have resumed talks to open negotiations concerning their membership status, which has lulled since 2005.

The UN has agreed to cooperate with EU with regard to Kosovo. Since Kosovo declared independence in 2008, Serbia or Belgrade have not recognized the country. Ethnic tension has created problems in this region of Europe. The UN and EU are attempting to facilitate cooperation in the government and elections to ensure all parties are fairly represented.  During the process of elections there were attacks in polling stations against citizens and officers. The integration of Kosovo Serbs is important in order to facilitate peace and stability.   


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